Geothermal Rising Annual Meeting

  • 2020 Annual Meeting Opening Session - Sunday

    2020 Annual Meeting Opening sessions with opening remarks by GR Executive Director, Will Pettit and GR President, Andy Sabin. Keynote presentations by Senators Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) and Joe Manchin (West Virginia), and Daniel Simmons of the Department of Energy.

  • 2020 Annual Meeting Opening Plenary Session (Part 1)

    To kick off the GRC Annual Meeting 2020, we have put together a brief geothermal spotlight demonstrating the resilience of geothermal in the craziness which was 2020, as well as the bright future for this renewable energy industry!

    Speakers include:
    - Andy Sabin, GR President
    - Paul Thomsen, ...

  • 2020 Annual Meeting Opening Plenary Session (Part 2)

    Presenters include:

    - Sue Hamm, Department of Energy
    - Karen Douglas, California Energy Commission
    - Tim Latimer, Fervo Energy